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What can I do as a citizen?

"What can I do as a citizen" is a short essay describing the story of an Indian citizen who is integrated with his country to such an extent that he or she is no longer different or separated from India. At the same time, it describes how an ordinary citizen can contribute for the nation.
When I was born in medieval period, I witnessed ruling of kings. When I was born in pre-modern period, I witnessed clashes between British and local rulers. When I was born in modern period, I witnessed British rule. When I was born in independent India, I witnessed rule of law. Every change in political system, change in social scenarios and even transitions were witnessed by me. I am the citizen of India. I have 1.33 billion co-citizens. We have common problems. We are linked to each other because we are dependent on each other. Though I may have not met a distant resident of my country but we have a common identity which creates a link between us. I cannot be ignorant of issues of my co-citizens. Similarly, they cannot be ignorant of my problems. Our interdependence and common identity make us a nation. I cannot survive without support and contribution of my co-citizens and vice-versa. We can survive only in a co-existent manner. 

If world is a family then a nation is a sub-family. If you consider, world as a kin group, then a nation is a family. If we are family, then we must be sensitizing to each other. National issues are required to be taken as equivalent to my personal issues as they are issues of my national family. A true national is one who is caring and sensitized towards co-citizens. If a person is jealous of progress of his or her neighbours or friends or relatives, then he or she cannot be called as patriotic. Any competition must be healthy. A nation is not just a territory. It is the people of a country who make a nation. It is the belief of being one. Therefore, this sentiment of togetherness of Indians makes India.

What Can I Do As A Citizen

What can I do as a citizen?

I am a common citizen. What can I do for my nation? The answer is very simple. Just as a brick is the building block of a structure, in the same way, a citizen is a building block of a nation. If every unit of a nation is developed then it will ultimately be in interest of nation. As a citizen, I can do the following:

Raising morality

Inculcating values to my consciousness will improve the quality of my work.

Adhering to my stand

In difficult situations and dilemma, I should stick to my ethical stand.

Educating myself

Seeking education formally as well as informally from available authentic sources will enhance my knowledge about key concerns of my country like child labour, women empowerment, environment issues.

Spreading the awareness

I should spread my knowledge to the people associated with me. 

Improving my health

As an economic asset, I can contribute more productively if I am fit and healthy. 

Developing my scientific temper

Developing rational approach will help in reducing superstitions. 

Optimizing Tolerance

I should optimize tolerance adequately to the concerned issues. It should be expressed where it is required like religious tolerance. It should be zero where it is not required to be expressed like towards corruption, violence etc.

By improving myself in above context, I can be a contributor to my national development. What I can do for my nation is the same what is required to be done by all of us as citizens so that we can proudly say that "We are India".

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